Thursday, 9 April 2015

Learn To Trade forex for beginners

forex for beginners

Learn forex basically its not that hard, what you need is only spend more time to learn about forex ,e,g forex Term, forex analysis, such fundamental and news and technical, forex money management, and risk management and etc. to learn forex basically same like to learn other things, you need to do step by step! as beginner you need to learn about Forex term! this is very important! you can learn at investopedia after you already familiar with forex term, start to learn about analysis,there's 3 analysis in forex, e.g Technical, Fundamental, and market sentiment. you can learn about this at babypips. the last step learn is about Money management and risk management! you can learn at forexabiz

If you already learn that 3 important things! and already familiar with all forex stuff, times to learn by doing! you can visit forex any forex brokerage company to download MT4, and start Demo trading, don't worry it will not cost you anything! the idea using MT4 demo account is to measure your ability and how far and how many you know about forex trading! you can see the result by using mt4 demo account, is it loss or you make decent profit! if you make profit! first of all, its just demo account so don't get excited to much! but I have to admit. that's a good indication that now you begin to understand more than previously! ;) good job! bro!

What Next
Next step, is to keep on eye your trading account for at least 3 or 6 month and practice more, day after day! by doing this you'll begin to get the grip! and whether you realize or not, you already adapted with forex stuff! if 3-6 demo trading already pass, its time to make a little investment to test whether your ability a real deal or what ;) you'll figure it out soon! sometime, when trader using demo account, they make huge profit! but when they use real money, the loose everything! this is the tricky part! but the most important step on demo trading is you need to know or use efetive methods! if you trading methods really works, then use to real account, and make real money using small capital!

First time you use real money in forex don't go with big , try small! watch and see, you might learn or realize something! when I first using real money, my trade are not good, but after a a few years, and use best methods, I begin to realize to make profit with forex are not have to complicated, in fact we need to use simple strategy that ourself comfortable using it! otherwise it will not works, because the fact is, what make our trade profitable simple because not the way or analysis, simple because of ourself! it mean, for some reason psychology factor have huge part in forex investment! my suggestion for yo is keep learning try demo trades, and see ! I pretty sure you will know about your potential!

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